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Hi! I’m Chris Williams

Ever since I claimed my own financial power, my passion has been to help women wellness entrepreneurs do the same. To support them to break the old paradigm of financial dependence and re-claim their own financial independence through soul-led and heart-centered strategies that work – all without the hustle and sales tactics that feel so out of alignment for many women.

We can create consistent income without sacrificing our family, values, or integrity. We get to create our own wealth and not feel guilty about it. And we get to claim our power to unlock our wealth.

Join me and get the know-how you need to take inspired action in service of you, your family, and your business and to create the income you deserve.

Ready to create 1K-10K in 30 days or less? 

If you are still struggling to create consistent 2K-10K months in your business, your primary job is to create income in your business.

And if you’re like most coaches and holistic practitioners, you need income coming to your business NOW so you can pay off your certifications, invest in support and feel like you can really do this.

There are certain things you want to take action on NOW that will bring in income, and there are long term strategies to continue to grow your business to 6 figures a year.

Creating a CASH Infusion is the short term strategy of creating cash when you need it. Think of it like a sprint. It’s all about what to do to create results quickly. (30 days or less)

You can use these over and over again in your business anytime you need that quick income booster.

Ready to go?

Working with Christine is giving me the opportunity to learn how to step back and see my goals as specific and measurable. I am finding it much easier to move out of overwhelm and into action.

Jessica Fox
Founder of Jessica Fox Coaching


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