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Build Your Thriving Wellness Practice

How to create 6-figure success, made simple; low-tech, high impact, all soul

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Ready to build your wellness legacy, made simple?

Then, you’re in the right spot. The world needs whole-wellness more than ever, and we need it, right now. It’s time you experience the success you deserve and receive the deliciousness of having your unique gifts received.

See, the problem is — most people getting started building their biz overlook the 6 pillars to creating balanced business. You might be strong in some of the pillars below, but often people completely neglect others. Once you understand the success pillars, this process is with you forever, and you’ll be able to generate the predictable cash-flow and ongoing impact that as wellness practitioners, makes us shine.

These success pillars are exactly what we’re diving into in the Event Series, How to Build your Thriving Wellness Practice. Creating 6-figure success , made simple; low-tech, high impact, all soul

18 Speakers across 6 Power-Packed Days.

During this event, you’ll hear from some of the best wellness practitioners & business builders in the industry. Each speaker has a specific specialty. You’ll hear from 3 experts on each pillar and HOW they leveraged their area of expertise.

Plus, you’ll get a Q&A with me, every day, to really let the experience sink in and integrate what works for you. Did I mention it’s free?

Expert Aligners

Pillar 01: Alignment Creates Abundance

How to align your worthiness and vision to your NEW identity so that you can uncover your unique brilliance (secret sauce). Then use that alignment to find and enroll your ideal clients.

Jenni Parker

Feminine High Performance Maven

Founder of the highly-acclaimed House of Preeminence magazine, Jenni Parker Brown is a visionary multi-potentialite. Her careers range from fashion-retailing, performing arts, fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist, award-winning gastronomy chef, published author, style and image consultant and visionary magazine editor.


Mindset Expert and Master Coach

Liz is a Coaching for Engagement and Performance (CEP) trained and certified coach and the founder of The Mindset Mastery School for Women in Business, and co-founder of Spark Possibility Coaching and Consulting.

Katy Jo Holton

Shaman School Founder

Katy Jo is the founder of Holton Healing Arts Shaman School and best-selling author. Through her work you will grow your unique gifts, deepen your spiritual embodiment and learn how to facilitate powerful and lasting 1 hour healings sessions for your clients.

Sarah Gravely

Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator & Wellbeing Advisor and Consultant

As the founder of The Starling Collective, Sarah works with businesses and individuals to create multidimensional, research-based well-being programs. She is a seasoned industry thought leader who utilizes her expertise to curate tailored wellness approaches, spark wellness awareness, and achieve business goals.

Expert Designers

Pillar 02: Design Your Success

How to design your own sustainable abundance plan so you can be a standout leader in your field. This step is what makes your success journey both simple and powerful.


Leader in Coach Training

Kendall is the creative founder of the #1 certified coach training academy to coach women entrepreneurs. Kendall runs a 7+ figure business. Her teachings have earned 9 Stevie awards including Mentor of the Year and Women Helping Women.


Author, Podcast Host, and Marketing Genius

Nikki Nash is a podcast host, Hay House author, and creator of Market Your Genius, a training and development brand on a mission to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to share and profit from their message.


Founder & CEO of Revived Living

Samantha has spent the last 14 years learning and applying different techniques in health, mindset, and self-expression to help others experience a life that feels in alignment with who they are, what they are passionate about, and their unique skill set.

Expert Attracters

Pillar 03: Attract Your Ready-Yes Clients

How to create your heart-centered marketing plan so you can attract, (not chase) your ideal clients—organically and authentically grow your business through content that converts.

de Moraes

Communication & Media Coach

Elizabeth de Moraes is an international communication and media coach who specializes in helping executives and entrepreneurs create concise messaging and develop a captivating presence on camera, online, and in person.


Branding and Marketing Magician

Jessica Krewson is the owner and CEO of DESIGNKREW Inc: A bespoke branding and digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, CA. Her mission is to manifest powerful personal brands into a tangible, beautiful, profitable reality.


Chief Marketing Officer SuiteDash

Laura helps you build true believers in your brand through marketing & client experience. By leveraging the power of SuiteDash and Belief-Driven Marketing Strategy, Laura teaches others how they can own their industry.

Expert Nurturers

Pillar 04: Nurture to Connect

How to cultivate community to nurture your connections through valuable and relevant content. Here, you create the “know, like, and trust” factor that you need for ready-yes clients.


Business Mentor and Client Learning Strategist

As a business mentor and client learning strategist, Megan's mission is to develop leaders to lead their own movements of positive change. Megan wholeheartedly believes that when we do, both life and business together we all benefit greatly. And right now, our world needs people to assume those positions of leadership.


Master Life Coach & Business Strategy Expert

Stacey is a Master Life Coach, Business Strategy Expert and the host of the PASSIONATE & PROSPEROUS PODCAST. She helps coaches, creatives and multi-passionate entrepreneurs hone in on their unique gifts, skills and purpose and master their messaging and mindset, leverage their expertise and make money doing what they love. Stacey believes that everyone has the opportunity to use making change as their opportunity to EVOLVE!


Wellness Embodiment Coach

Rachel is a Nutritional Scientist & Wellness Embodiment Coach that helps women fully heal their relationship with themselves & their bodies so that they can finally have healthier relationships with others, food, their careers, money, & their LIFE! Rachel inspires and motivates women all around the world to find freedom in every area of their life so they can finally manifest the life of their wildest dreams and live a FULL life.

Expert Enrollers

Pillar 05: Invite to Enroll

How to invite prospects to work with you and make offers! This is when we talk about enrollment. Learn how to help your clients invest in themselves and make empowered decisions.


Sales Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host

Nicole is a certified health coach and a passionate sales expert who coaches female health and wellness entrepreneurs how to start conversations that lead to clients through her proven sales system that she used to generate a fully booked roster of private clients with a paid-in-full wait list.


Empowering Entrepreneurs to Think & Grow Like a CEO

Sue is a Business Acceleration Strategist who helps entrepreneurs expand their visibility, increase their impact & scale their business from six to seven figures. Having performed hundreds of presentations, Sue’s created a Masterclass Conversion Framework that her clients have used to convert clients like crazy & generate upwards to 100k in a presentation.

Expert Growers

Pillar 06: Empowered to Mastery

How to prepare for the next evolution of your business. Understand what’s working, refine what can be better, and hit the repeat button to roll into your next level of success. Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate along the way!


Ontological Life Coach

Kaela Gedda is an Ontological Life Coach who dances in possibility every chance she gets. At the age of 25 she decided that “fine” wasn’t going to cut it. Less than 10 months after this decision she left Corporate America to liberate her soul and support other entrepreneurs to do the same. Kaela lights up at the chance to work with soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to live into their wildest vision and make six figures+ as a result.


Author & Founder of Thought Leader Academy

Sara Connell is a bestselling author and founder of Thought Leader Academy where she helps coaches, writers and entrepreneurs become successful, published authors and in-demand speakers. She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The View, FOX Chicago, TEDx, The Today Show, and Katie Couric. Her writing has appeared in: The New York Times, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, and Parenting. Her first book Bringing In Finn was nominated for ELLE magazine Book of the Year.


Bestselling Author and Inspired Success Coach

Featured in USA TODAY, Forbes, Oprah Radio, and more, Tame is a sought-after speaker and visionary career/success coach, who has helped thousands world-wide to discover, launch, and thrive in the life, calling and businesses of their dreams. She leads retreats and online programs that help others unlock their brilliance, no matter what is going on.

Here’s a recap of all you’ll get at the end of this

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Free gifts galore from each of our experts in our Freebie Hub
18 episodes of digestible interviews with our experts

Meet your host

Christine Williams | Soulful Business Creator

Christine Williams is the owner and founder of Shine Wellness LLC. A 7 figure business dedicated to empowering women wellness entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners to create soul-led and heart-centered 6 figure business, without the hustle and sales tactics that feel so out of alignment for many women. She is known for cultivating community, connections, and collaborations that inspire and create WIN WINS for everyone. As part of her Soulful Abundance System™, She weaves the abundance mindset and soul-fueled strategy along with a simple system to create consistent income without sacrificing your family, values, or integrity.

She teaches you to keep things simple and focus on the power of ONE, let go of self-doubt, become infinitely more confident, believe in yourself and how powerful and capable you really are, value your unique brilliance, and then take inspired action so you can create a magnificent life you love while being well paid by serving others.

The world needs you, playing all-out and supporting others. The first year of business can feel like the hardest. Supporting you is my greatest passion, and I can’t wait to meet you!

Build Your Thriving Wellness Practice

How to create 6-figure success, made simple; low-tech, high impact, all soul

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